Un pizzico di Brindisi

This three day trip was actually a gift from Balkan Express agency who operates the flights from Tirana to various cities of Italy. Since I work at Tirana International Airport as a photographer they offered me this “pause” to celebrate their first flight to Brindisi. It was our (me and Rosita) first time in this city and if not for work also the last time (given the fact that there are a large number of other cities we haven’t seen yet). A nice clean and quit city, maybe more quite than normal but for a short trip it was ideal to relax. We felt like we were back in ’90, all the empty roads gave us this sense of a metaphysical city. Coming from a noisy city like Tirana it was like visiting another world. Well thanks for the trip and if anybody nearby feels like need some rest, two day slip in hotel Colonna will remedy you….I’m stoping here cause have the feeling it’s looking like an advertisement now 🙂

photographer: Armand Habazaj / location: Brindisi, Italy

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