A breeze of the past

When I first heard about this editorial I felt intrigued and a bit scared not to fail. Actually we just wanted to recall the “fashion” of that time and see how it would fit in todays people. Than the idea evolved also with the location. Personally felt this was more of a reportage than just a fashion…

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Eva Murati for Living magazine

We hoped for an urban style with christmas lights and atmosphere for this winter editorial at Living winter issue. In the last moment time was running, the city wasn’t decorated yet and the magazine couldn’t wait. So we decided instead to go with this classic winter photoshoot, with warmly clothes and cheerful style. and girls they want…

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Gatsby with the Stars

Working with real ballet dancers it’s a real pleasure and fun. I had them as models for this editorial of Living magazine to promote the 6-th edition of Dancing with the Stars Albania. photographer: Armand Habazaj / stylist: Ardi Asllani / hair & make up: Eva Dibra / ballerins: Olta Ahmetaj, Isida Mollaymeri, Lori Bala, Adela Lami, Ledia Sulaj, Eltion Merja, Kristi…

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