A breeze of the past

When I first heard about this editorial I felt intrigued and a bit scared not to fail. Actually we just wanted to recall the “fashion” of that time and see how it would fit in todays people. Than the idea evolved also with the location. Personally felt this was more of a reportage than just a fashion…

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Welcome to “Mullixhiu”. A traditional but also non-traditional restaurant. For sure not the kind of environment you are used to see. We are familiar to it but we went so far searching for sophistication that we forgot the origin. They sophisticated the cuisine instead. Based on albanian ingredients and dishes they are revolutionaries of the new modern…

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Eva Murati for Living magazine

We hoped for an urban style with christmas lights and atmosphere for this winter editorial at Living winter issue. In the last moment time was running, the city wasn’t decorated yet and the magazine couldn’t wait. So we decided instead to go with this classic winter photoshoot, with warmly clothes and cheerful style. and girls they want…

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The Mysterious South

Here it is, one of the most interesting part of Albania. This was an unforgettable trip through all the villages of Himara, a region of Vlorë, Albania. The Mysterious South is a project of GIZ Albania aiming the development and promotion of tourism of Himara region; and I’m very grateful to them for having chosen me :)….

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Un pizzico di Brindisi

This three day trip was actually a gift from Balkan Express agency who operates the flights from Tirana to various cities of Italy. Since I work at Tirana International Airport as a photographer they offered me this “pause” to celebrate their first flight to Brindisi. It was our (me and Rosita) first time in this…

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At the park

Usually I’m a lazy people who wake up late, mostly because I used to work till late the night before. Today I had to meet another lazy people, a journalist, at 9 am to do some photos at the park for an article. Hmm he called me in the morning to tell me he will be late. So…

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