A breeze of the past

When I first heard about this editorial I felt intrigued and a bit scared not to fail. Actually we just wanted to recall the “fashion” of that time and see how it would fit in todays people. Than the idea evolved also with the location. Personally felt this was more of a reportage than just a fashion editorial and imagined the models to act like mannequins. This would help me deliver that feeling of “back in time”. In photography you do feel the movement when it is, that’s why I insisted in freezing the actions so that the seer could focus more on the mood other than just the clothes. I wanted somehow to give a metaphysical sense to the photographs, with them being preserved in this museum atmosphere of Bunk’Art.

photographer: Armand Habazaj / creative director: Gentian Minga / fashion editor: Argenta Heti / hair & make up: Gresa Kotri / model: River Durra, Kristina Peti / location: Bunk’Art 1 / published on Living magazine nr.23

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