The Mysterious South

Here it is, one of the most interesting part of Albania. This was an unforgettable trip through all the villages of Himara, a region of Vlorë, Albania. The Mysterious South is a project of GIZ Albania aiming the development and promotion of tourism of Himara region; and I’m very grateful to them for having chosen me :).

Since my childhood, when I used to pass all the summer at my grandparents in these villages, this was the most complete journey. I focused on exploring different angles I never been to bring some other views of this villages. Not very easy to explore and represent the entire life of a village in one day but at least I tried to do the best. Visited some villages I never been before, like Kudhës, Pilur, Fterrë and Çorraj, with some great panoramas and real potential to develop the tourism. I am very enthusiastic and looking forward for this to happen.

Entire region seems to have been in a deep sleep for a while. All it needs is some real initiatives to awake its good spirit of tradition and hospitality. Visit the Mysterious South … it surely has a story to tell!

photographer: Armand Habazaj

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