The Mysterious South

Here it is, one of the most interesting part of Albania. This was an unforgettable trip through all the villages of Himara, a region of Vlorë, Albania. The Mysterious South is a project of GIZ Albania aiming the development and promotion of tourism of Himara region; and I’m very grateful to them for having chosen me :)….

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Un pizzico di Brindisi

This three day trip was actually a gift from Balkan Express agency who operates the flights from Tirana to various cities of Italy. Since I work at Tirana International Airport as a photographer they offered me this “pause” to celebrate their first flight to Brindisi. It was our (me and Rosita) first time in this…

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At the park

Usually I’m a lazy people who wake up late, mostly because I used to work till late the night before. Today I had to meet another lazy people, a journalist, at 9 am to do some photos at the park for an article. Hmm he called me in the morning to tell me he will be late. So…

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